Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And so it begins...

On Friday, January 15,  I was notified that the hospital was sending a team to help with the humanitarian mission in Haiti following a size 7 earthquake which had left the country in devastation. I collected my medical record, followed the crowd to immunizations and prepared myself to leave that weekend. Nick was in class so I had to wait before breaking the news to him.

I have to admit I was not as prepared as maybe I should have been to return to the Bataan. However, I never throw anything away (just ask my husband) and it was just a matter of finding it. My uniforms needed updating since my rank had changed but otherwise I was good to go.

By Friday afternoon I had worked up the courage to face my kids and tell them we weren't going to the Ice Festival in Leavenworth that weekend. I think they were more disappointed in not skiing than they were at the thought of Mom going away again. To make matters worse, by Friday evening my arm was aching from all the shots I had received.  So I painfully waited by my phone for the word stating when I would leave.

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